Pesky Humans - The Game

A fast-paced point and click arcade game from Serious Tangents, available via Steam.

How To Play

Easy to learn, difficult to master.  Learn how to play here:


The History of Pesky Humans

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Multiple Enemies

Four classes of enemy ship, each with their own skills and strengths, will keep you busy.  Do you focus on just the colonizers, or divide your attention between them all?    

A Single Goal 

Over the thirty-five minutes of gameplay, you have one goal: prevent the Pesky Humans from building a 24-Building Planetary Base.  Can you hold them off?

On The Defense  

Your laser might not be the best, or the fastest, but you also have nuclear warheads to take out bases after they're beamed down, and can install upgrades to even the odds.  

Hide and Seek 

Your ship can hide in the magnetic poles of the planet, so only scout craft and advanced fighter craft can find you.  But watch out for the Boss Ship's unguided missiles!         

The Story So Far...

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Three Levels of Difficulty

You can bet the better the planet, the harder those Pesky Humans are going to work to try to lay claim to the planet.  Each stage is going to change how you play and what you'll want to focus on to succeed.

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Upgrade Your Ship

Collect Red and Blue Crystals in game by defeating mini-bosses and mining asteroids.  Spend the crystals on more powerful nuclear weapons or ship upgrades to improve your speed and strength.    

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About Us

Serious Tangents is a one-man development team, focused on game development with a dash of writing thrown in for good measure. 

I make games because it's fun.  Pesky Humans was one of my first solo programming projects, created back in the days of DOS.  I wanted to create a classic arcade style of game, bringing the days of stand-up machines to a more modern environment.         

I believe I succeded with this in Pesky Humans.